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Import XML to SQLite3 Database



Hi guys,

I am new here. I need some help. I can't find any real material showing me how to import an XML file to my Database. I need some help tough. I have an xml file that can be found here:
XML fomat:
DTD format:

I am new to importing files in SQL DB so i need some help on how to create the tables and how to import this big file automatically. If someone can help me, i would owe you a lot!



Most people, understandably, don't like to click on links and download files from unknown sources. That is probably why there have been no responses to your question. If you can post sample data and what you are trying to accomplish, you might get better responses.

There are several articles and blogs on importing XML data into SQL Server and on shredding XML into relational tables. For example, here.


Thank you James! Just a short one! the code from that article works for SQLite3 DB?


Try asking your question in a SQLLite Forum