Import multiple datasets and normal forms

Hello, I'm a beginner in SQL and I'm very confused. I want to make a SQL project for my portfolio. I choose this database from Kaggle to make some data exploration: In short, there's a "metadata" .csv file and a "data" folder with a lot of other .csv files. Metadata contains names of coins, their signs, and adresses on .csv files from data folder.

My question are next:

  • Do I need to care about making these datasets in normal forms? If yes, should I also consider metadata for that?

  • Is there any way to import all of these datasets not in the same table but in separated in SSMS using one query or something like this? Moreover, do people actually do that?

Thanks in advance.

It looks like all the data CSV files have the same schema/structure, so you could create 1 table with the proper data types and import all the CSVs into it. Or you could make as many tables as you like, all with the same schema, just with different names.

I don't think you need to normalize this beyond what's already provided. The only comment on the schema that I have is that you ensure your data types can hold the numbers precisely, and you'd have to use numeric/decimal due to the number of decimal places. Any other number type won't have the necessary precision.

As far as importing CSV files, I suggest you look at the bcp utility or the BULK INSERT command. My preference would be to use the bcp utility in a command window to import, it would be pretty easy to import all the CSV files to a single table that way.

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