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I'm stuck on sa access

I use the sa account on a 'Development' SQL Server. I'm trying to make sure the Network Admins have full access to this SQL Server when I'm on vacation etc, in case there's an issue.

On the Login Properties on the Sql Server Management Studio, if I check 'sysadmin' will that mean the other Roles are irrelevant. Also, if I check 'sysadmin' does that make the User Mapping (i.e. Database access) section is irrelevant?

Does someone with Full Windows Admin Access, automatically receive full SQL Server admin access through Windows Authentication?


Yes; yes; and yes, if they know what they are doing :slight_smile: . Windows admins may not have direct access, but they can typically work their way in anyway if they know how to Google :-). For your absence, you can create another account and give it "sysadmin" authority, then give them the account name and password. When you get back,be sure to re-check all accounts for permissions, because of course a sysadmin could make anyone else a sysadmin and/or give them higher levels of authority.

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