Identical SQL Jobs failing (SSIS package)

I have a SQL Server 2022 application running on 2 nodes redundantly, one of the jobs (SSIS) is failing on the primary node saying the service account can not find the specified file, the exact same job, works fine on the secondary node using the same service account (domain account). Job works fine when running through visual studio using the same domain account (SQL Server Agent account)

I can browse into the path were the job file is stored from both nodes using the service account. I recreated the job by using the script from the job that works fine but still no success. I copied the SSIS package file locally into the server but i still have the same issue. any ideas? Thanks in advance!

The process could not be created for step 1 of job 0x72DB1C3372A2974DAA7D83AED24F078F (reason: The system cannot find the file specified). The step failed.