Hi everyone. I need some help.
Im working on some project and need to make some automation.Namely on one side is software with MySQL database and its for some gas station and I need to make automation whenever is new data inserted in that database I need to collect that data and to process them and to make some document (from database) in my system. My system is using MSSQL. What is the best way to instantly grab them whenever is inserted in that MySQL database? Thank you :slight_smile:

To achieve real-time data synchronization between a MySQL database and an MSSQL database, you can use Change Data Capture (CDC) or database triggers. Below are two approaches you can consider:

  1. Change Data Capture (CDC):
  • CDC is a feature available in MSSQL that captures and records data changes (inserts, updates, and deletes) in a table. It allows you to track the changes and process them accordingly.
  • Set up CDC on the MySQL database: You can use third-party tools or build custom scripts to monitor the MySQL database for changes and capture the data modifications.
  • Transfer data to the MSSQL database: After capturing the changes, you can process and transfer the data to your MSSQL database. This can be achieved using SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) or custom scripts to insert or update the data in the MSSQL database.
  1. Database Triggers:
  • Database triggers in MySQL can be used to automatically execute a set of actions when certain events occur, such as inserting data into a table.
  • Create a trigger in the MySQL database: Write a trigger that activates whenever data is inserted into the table you want to monitor. This trigger can perform actions like calling a web service or writing the data to a file on disk.
  • Receive the data on the MSSQL side: Set up a service or application on your MSSQL system that listens for data changes, such as a webhook or custom API endpoint.
  • Process the data in your MSSQL system: Once the data is received, you can process it and create the required documents in your MSSQL database.

Both approaches have their pros and cons, and the choice depends on your specific requirements, existing infrastructure, and development expertise. CDC is typically more robust and has native support in MSSQL, but it may require additional setup and configuration in both databases. On the other hand, using triggers in MySQL may be easier to implement, but it puts more load on the MySQL database as it has to execute the trigger for each inserted record.

Make sure to thoroughly test and monitor your synchronization solution to ensure data integrity and reliability. Additionally, consider any security and compliance implications when transferring data between databases.