I want to learn complete sql

I want to learn sql completely. Is oracle, sql and sql server different if yes, how much. 20% 30% or completely.
What sql, oracle and sql server books I need to study so that when I enter any office having database related job and I vet employed there.
I have read sql and oracle books but today I read DBA books which are different.
Only books wont make a job but one needs to enroll in courses also to make database and dba expert.
What do you think.

Oracle and SQL Server are 100% different.

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If one wants to get any kind of database job.Then, should he learn oracle server 2019 , sql/plsql and oracle.
Is sql server the same as DBA!

The way you've phrased your question is difficult to answer. It's not realistic to say "What sql, oracle and sql server books I need to study so that when I enter any office having database related job and I (g)et employed there".

To "learn SQL completely" is not something you can get from simply reading books or taking certification exams. You will have to use the products for several years in order to understand them, and even then, it won't be "completely".

Regarding Oracle vs. SQL Server, both are relational database systems. You can understand their SQL dialects and work with them effectively. As far as understanding them "completely", that is still going to take years.

One analogy: You can study medicine to become a surgeon, but to become a brain surgeon will take additional years specializing in that kind of surgery. Similarly for a cardiac surgeon. Both specialties have crucial differences that are not transferable. A brain surgeon cannot be expected to know how to do a heart transplant, nor would a cardiac surgeon be able to repair a brain embolism.

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Are windows and windows server 100% different.

Windows and Windows Server are highly related. That has no bearing on Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server.

A Boeing 737 and an Airbus A320 are both passenger aircraft, but are also nearly 100% different. If you get trained to fly one you'd still need to get retrained to fly the other.

Once you get past the most basic, beginner-level fundamentals, they're very, very different.

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One concept is

  • Learning How To Learn

Another concept is

  • How to Learn Anything Extremely Fast

Good luck

dba = database administrator. the person administering, it is a human (at this moment in history)

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you will have to do PRACTICE somewhere

download and install OR online SQL

go to forums and try to answer the questions there

All people go through the LEARNING curve before they become experts
Question is how fast they get through the learning curve
if you know how to circumvent the learning curve

And completely.

you will go through a lot of things

if you are stuck how to debug , trouble shoot

Start somewhere .. make lots of mistakes ..have some wine while doing it

Hire someone expert to teach you

There might be some simulated softwares of sql mimicking real sql and sql server so that users can test their sql skill there.
Is there borland sql server.

please google search


For my son, I am gathering information. I appreciate you giving this important information

Hello this is Gulshan Negi
Well, there are many excellent books available on the market that you can choose to learn from. I will recommend you read the following books:

  1. SQL For Dummies
  2. Oracle Database 11g SQL
  3. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 T-SQL Fundamentals
  4. Oracle PL/SQL Programming
  5. Oracle Database 11g: The Complete Reference
  6. Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Administration