I need to create a query that makes a graph from the given dataset, but am unsure how/what to do

I need to create a query that makes a graph from the given dataset that shows whether crime has increased or decreased over the time the data was recorded but I only know how to get tables. Or if there is a better way to show adjusted crime rates over the time period

.sql dataset with diagram: h ttps://drive.google.com/open?id=18sA-lNaBWyub87Qddg_kn2OY04jhmU3z

What kind of graphing software do you use? What kind of graph do you want? Pie chart, etc?

To be honest I'm a beginner and this is to help conceptualize the data into something graphical
I think a split pie chart to show crimes would be a great statistic but I cant seem to make one appear. I have already forwarded my database into .sql and applied the data. I edit the same query afterwards I know but I dont know how to put the data into and display the chart

That is a long long list of data.

Normally you make a SELECT statement to extract the relevant data from the tables.
Then you use the resulting dataset in a tool that can graphically represent data, like Excel or Power BI, ...
Let's assume you use Excel.
In Excel you have a wide choice of graphical representations to choose from.

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PowerBi is a good one or D3 with angular front end. Tableaux

I also looking for the same do let me know too thanks for asking such logical question

Heh... Tableaux... That's a wee bit expensive, yes?

I guess the simple method here is to use Excel to call a stored procedure from the server and have it drop the data in the range on the spreadsheet that feeds a graph.

:wink: to use a term often used by this fella named @JeffModen "It Depends" what you buy from them and if it is worth the price

BWAAA-HAAAA!!!! I couldn't have said it any better! :smiley: