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I have lost the lounge


I had access to the lounge, but now I have lost it. Did I make someone mad?

Also I use to be able to edit categories but I can no longer.


I don't think you made someone mad - I think it's site site thats "acting up" (like with the formating of code). Anyway, I don't belive the rules for regular badge is as described. Maybe is't the received likes you are missing out on, so here's one from me :smile:


What lounge? lol


I had the regular badge at one point, it must have corrected when I got the link badge.

Oh, well.


Got the lounge back after a while. Then I just lost it again. I guess I am a yo-yo. :smile:


Yup, the site might just be wonky. :smile:


do they serve nice jazz music and exotic appetizers at the lounge?