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I have installed SQL2012 Client installation


i have installed SQL2012 Client installation but after successful installation i tried to login to SSMS
database engine
with server name dot(.) with windows authentication i was facing an issue . can any one help me on this.

i am facing the below error.

Note : i have installed SQL2012 Client installation


A few thoughts....
You say you installed the Client installation. Is there a login with your windows account (CORP\nt18050) on that SQL Server?
Have you tried to explicitly set the Network Protocol from the login window? (Options >> Connection Properties --> Network Protocol) Also, set the Connect to database value.
Are you running from the SQL Server in question or are you on a workstation that is trying to logon to the SQL Server?


yeah CORP\nt18050 is my system login


I am assuming that you just installed the SSMS client.
Can you open the surface area configuration and check the database engine services there?