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How to use infinite band between 2 mssql?


i had just install 2 mssql 2014 in to 2 server.
i had install infinite band betweem that 2 server.

How to specific use infinite band during query?


Assuming your Windows servers are set up properly to use the infiniband connections, you would set up linked servers in each SQL instance pointing to the other, then perform a distributed query using four-part naming


i just point to the destination server ip which is the infinite band, something like


Is that a question or a solution?


a solution, cause i had a infinite band between that 2 server.

i just create a linked server between 2 using that specific ip and query "select 1 go 1000000", monitor it from task manager and found that specific network is busy while both of the server is only me logged in.


Great to hear!