How to update a report object on multiple reports

I just had an interview, in which I was asked to update say the heading on say 30 reports at once; with put going into each of them. And naturally, each would be different from what they are now. I thought that I could make a table in SQL server with object name and a procedure that would look at what they are not and change them, but I would not know how to apply thing at once. and maybe I am thinking of this all wrong.
So any ideas would be really appreciated, because so far I cannot find this on line.

Thank you

Not sufficient information in the question to say whether it is possible or not.

It depends on how the reports are currently set up. If they have hard-coded heading, then you will have to go into each report and modify them. If the headings are set up to use data from a query, you can update the data behind the query and the headings will all change.

Thanks for the reply, but going with what you are saying here. How would you set it up with data from a query that you still would not have to go into every report? I mean as I said you can set up a table of objects and a stored procedure, and have that change the reports; but you still would have to go in each one and set that up.
Unless you have something else in mind.

Thank you

There are multiple ways you could set up the report so it gets the heading from a query. One way would be to use a hidden parameter whose value is obtained from a query and use that parameter as the heading. The query would then go to a database and read one row from a table which contains the heading and the report name.

The database table that has the report name and the text for the heading can be updated in a single update statement, which then will change the headings for all the reports.