How to store specific outlook email body content to sql server table

I want to be able to automatically populate an SQL table with data from emails I receive in a specific folder in my Microsoft Outlook. Each email would be its own record and be broken into 4 different fields(i.e from,to subject and body).

Now I would just be interested in getting this data will be inserted into the database table without human involvement and I will deal with organizing it at a later time. Anyone have full solution.

are you part of a specific AD domain or home domain?

yes, company email id

is it Exchange Server?

No mail would-be sent by simple pop3 account

We have exchange and we use ssis to extract email metadata and attachments

You have that option or use a console app you write that you can automate to be called from a sql job or maybe use powershell to read your pop3 account . Another way of doing it is using is
sp_OACreate, which I have never used