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How to Store More then 30000 characters in sql server 2012


I have string which is having 35000 characters.
I used Varchar(max) and Nvarchar(Max), But these are unable to store.

How can i store this string into sql server.

is this Microsoft SQL server database and what specific error do you get?

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Those data types can definitely store data of that size, so if you are having a problem its most likely some "size limitation" between the APP and SQL, or something (e.g. stored procedure / Trigger) in SQL Server which has a size limit and is truncating the data.

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try to declare as text and e-vinculate table (if vinculated from Access)

Old post, I know, but the problem likely has nothing to do with what you're storing. It's like storing just find but when you SELECT it to grid or text, you won't see the full 35,000 characters because SSMS has limits on how much of a given "cell" it will return.

If you want to verify that the data is being stored, take the length of the column and see if it's 35000 or not.

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