How to send text to cell phone based on the results of a query

I am trying to send a text to a cellphone at fixed times of the day based on the query results to multiple users ( cellphones) based on a column of query results. so this is how it should work if there are 5 rows from the query results and a column which has 5 different users then each user ( cellphone) should get their corresponding row results.

I tried with SSRS and data driven subscriptions ( with email address as cellphone@carrier like for ATT but having issues with a very large unnecessary content in the text. so looking for other suggestions.

Any suggestions please.

2 versions of the same report. One for mobile one for others. What does the content look like in mobile that you do not like? What pertinent data is it you want to send to mobile devices

I just want the text to display count(*) number of items but the text msg has the from address, subject, reportlink and it says 1of10, (con't) 2 of 10...
any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  1. Use a separate SSRS report for mobile devices or phone numbers
  2. Change Report setting to eliminate superfluous data

Thanks i changed those settings already but still the message is big i would like to have it just in one line.

#1 create a new report just for phones.
You have pagination. Obviously there is something wrong with report.

Thank you