How to secure data while doing ETL process

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We have SQL staging database, and we are fetching data from different remote SQL servers through Link server.

My Question : Is my data is secure while traveling between Source to destination server. If not then how can I secure it or Encrypt it.

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If it is not encrypted it is not secure

Thanks for your answer, I am using Link Server to Fetch data. How can I secure it.

securing is one thing but encrypting is another.
1. Securing
you can have layers of security such as a good password and making sure the user you are using for the linkedserver has the proper permissions and not full on permission across databases.

2. Encrypting
Read the following

Thanks, but.

  • TDE does not protect communications between client applications and SQL Server, so other encryption methods must be used to protect data flowing over the network....

Since a connection from one SQL Server to another is the same as connecting from a client to a server - you can enforce encrypted connections between the separate systems:

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