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How to resume a restore

I need some advice on how to resume a chain of restore without going back to the beginning for the reason of saving times.
I got this, and I understand why.
"This backup set cannot be applied because it is on a recovery path that is inconsistent with the database...."
Here is the backup set from production:
I restored them into a test server in order to find the last "good" data.
After F1-T1-T2, the users want to exam, so I brought it online using with recovery. I made a full back (F2Test).
Now after couple days, we need to get T3, T4.
I thought I could go back to the fork by restore to F2Test with norecovery then restore T3, T4 without start over from F1.
Is there a way to do that?

Once you use WITH RECOVERY, you can't continue applying logs. Instead of using WITH RECOVERY, use WITH STANDBY so that the user can examine the data. Then you can apply additional logs.

Since you used WITH RECOVERY, you'll have to start over with your full backup restore and the log chain.

Good to know even it is too late for this time.