How to register for sql developer edition

I am a DBA and got query from a developer on the use of SQL Developer Edition. We have never used this edition here. I know that this edition is free and can be used for development purpose. I am also aware that the license is per user, and I believe that all people who access the database have to be registered. I just do not know the required registration process. Just wonder if someone in the forum is familiar with the process and can give advice. Appreciated.

Long Nguyen

All you need to do is register a Microsoft account on the Visual Studio community site I believe and then you are covered.

Be aware though, we were advised that if you work for a company that employs more that 250 staff then you would have to purchase a full subscription for visual studio before you can use the developer edition of SQL Server.

We have found that since MS changed the licensing terms for this purchasing Std Edition licences for our development server has worked out cheaper than VS subscriptions for all the admins/developers that need access.

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I'm looking at the SQL Server site at There's a download for SQL Server Developer Edition without any registration required. I clicked through the software enough to get to the licensing bit and it didn't mention any restriction on company size.

I think they really want people downloading the Developer Edition and using it to build applications.

This Microsoft article says it is free for visual studio subscribers

When we enquired about our company using the community edition we were informed that for a company that employs more that 250 staff (not just SQL Developer users) we would need to have Visual Studio Pro subscriptions.

Just to be sure, I would contact your licence reseller to confirm if this is still the case.