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How to read data based on the Row Number


I am trying to read the values from table, but the row sequence not matched the table row. how to read data with a proper row sequence.

Select AttachmentName, ID from Attachment
where CountryID = '01714AC7ADD8934282BF09A87CEC9560'

its return different row


countryid is same for three rows

you will have to use another column to get your row
example countryid = 'aaaaaaa' and other_column = 2

somehow you have to uniquely identify that row
CountryID = '01714AC7ADD8934282BF09A87CEC9560' and attachmentName = 'Scope Of Work'

sometimes a combination of 3 columns
sometimes using like '%searchstring%
sometimes a row number using date column

whatever it is .. to uniquely identify that row

sometimes its not possible .. have to look at alternate methods