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How to push data from one server to another server



    Anyone help me to move/push the filetered data from one server to other server using sql command/query


you can use linked server.


tell me in brief


You've not identified enough of a requirement to know if it should be a linked server and a simple proc or full up replication. For example, how many tables does this need to be done for? Where is the other server both logically and physically? What is the maximum acceptable latency according to the users that need this to be done.? Is the database in the FULL recovery model or not? What identifies the "filter"? Do the tables involved have an IDENTITY column or related SEQUENCE column?

And, most importantly, what is the actual business reason for wanting this gross duplication of data?

  • Right-click on Database > Tasks > Generate Scripts
  • Select database objects > Click Next
  • Click Advanced > Types of Data to script > Schema and Data > Click OK
  • Choose where to save generated script > click Next


It would be interesting to see how long the million individual INSERT commands would take to execute if it were for a million row table.

The OP needs to give us more information on this task.