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How to Move the MSSQL12.MSSQLSERVER folder


After installing a new instance of 2014, I see that the MSSQL12.MSSQLSERVER isn't on the drive I intended.
This is the folder that has subfolders:

Well I see the master and msdb databases arw in \Data.
Will I have to uninstall and reinstall or can I move these folders without corrupting the instance?
Thanks. Jack


it depends what are the database that is in that location.

You can refer to link below on moving the database files



Hi jbates99,
In a way yes, you can move it, but its not easy. I haven't try it before, from the top of my head, you will need to perform the following:

  1. Backup everything
  2. Stop SQL service
  3. Move the master mdf/ldf to another folder
  4. change the SQL startup parameter to point to the correct master DB path
  5. Start SQL, and ensure it can startup
  6. restore msdb db with the new path

That might work I assume, however, there might have other things that still marked as the old path and you might need change them when you see it. To be clean, you can simply re-install it.again.

Hope it helps


When it has happened to me (the IT people didn't read / SET the relevant folder during install) we reinstalled Belt & Braces and to cover Front, Back and BOTH Sides :smile:


The system databases went to the wrong drive.
Kristen's comment scared me so much that I decided to uninstall and reinstall.
That went well and everything is good now :smile:Thanks for the tips!


You can move everything, but it takes forever and is a HUGE pain. If it's a fresh install, reinstalling with the proper paths is the best option.


like I mention, it can be done, but it will takes a long long time.

reinstall should be the fastest :smile: