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How to monitor SQL Server instance manually?



I have one SQL Server instance i want to monitor that instance manually, so how can i monitor?


What are you trying to monitor? SSMS has various tools. Right click on the database name in Object Explorer for reports is one way. Server dashboard is in the list.


What should we consider during the naming of SQL Server instance? Means that what are the basic rules for naming the SQL Server instance?


Hi jason_clark,

An instance name is not case-sensitive.

An instance name cannot be the terms Default or MSSQLServer

Reserved Keywords in Microsoft SQL Server are not accepted. You cannot name a SQL Instance as DATABASE or ALTER or CREATE or SCHEMA

First character should not be a numerical value (0-9), it can be an alphabet (a-z), underscore ‘_’, number sign ‘#’, or ampersand ‘&’. If you try naming a SQL Instance as ‘1SQLServer’, it is not accepted.

Space and special characters (such as @, ^, *, \ ) are not allowed. That is, if you try naming the instance as “SQL TEST 2”, it is not accepted.

Instance name should be 16 chars or less in length.

Hope it will helps you.



@jason_clark , I think you switch questions. The first question was about monitoring your next post talks about naming.

For naming an instance remember two things. 1) should be at least vaguely descriptive 2) easy to type.
See @Jai for rules.

The reason I say vaguely is you have to conform to the rules.

The reason I say easy to type is when programming I am lazy and do not like typing strange sequences. :slightly_smiling: