How to make this trigger

Hello I am new to the forum, I have the following problem, I want after I delete a lease table locations I go in the table films and have the film's status to available, but if I have the movie code in table location in another record, I still let the situation of the film table column as leased, how would I do that?

that's what I've done before I did with the film code, but did not seem right, now I did by the id of the lease:

TRIGGER `tguDelete` AFTER DELETE ON `locacoes` FOR EACH ROW UPDATE filmes SET situacao = 'Disponivel' WHERE codigo_filme= OLD.codigo_filme

Please help me!

Looks like Oracle?

This is a Microsoft SQL Server forum, so you might find that folk here are not very familiar with Oracle.

Looks like perhaps MySQL or DB2 variant to me. Oracle's triggers are much uglier than that :-).


I'll go with plain "Not MS SQL" then :toast:

I will be the same thing.