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How to make SSRS Action Property Receptive to Parameters?


How to make SSRS Action Property Receptive to Parameters?

I think I got SSRS reports receiving all sorts of parameters and I think I can make just about any field or object on the receiving report make use of a parameter passed to it. But what if I want to change the Action property of an object to redirect it to go to some other place. And, even better, is it easy to pass a parameter which, in turn, can be used as a parameter on the called report?


Yes you can do that.
Right click on text box value-click text box properties-then click action.
In action there are four options
1.Go to report
2.Go to bookmark
3.Go to URL
Based on requirement you will choose one of the option mentioned above.
If you choose Go to Report ,specify the report name and the parameters if it have
In parameter tab specify the column name of present report for which you create the action and in parameter tab specify the parameter of navigation report.
By doing this the present report column values would be passed to the navigation report and required result would be displayed.