How to make a batch data query in SQL?

I have an excel file with 300k lines. I need to query this data in a table in sql. I have no problem with time. Actually, what I'm looking for is to read the data in excel one by one, query it in the table and give me the matching data in the table. Is there a sql query for this?

My English is not very good, I guess I couldn't explain it well. My main data is in SQL. I need to check if the example 300k phone number given to me matches a user in a user table in Sql. I need to make these queries according to the data in Excel.

one idea is

copy paste the data from excel into SQL table
using create table insert statements

and then run the SQL Query

Actually, my problem is that I have 300,000 sample phone number data. I need to query and list one by one whether there is a user belonging to any of these numbers. This data is in excel. If there is a function in sql that will read the data in the excel file and query whether there is a user belonging to them in the sql table, it will work very well for me.

What will help is if you can provide a sample table, rows in the excel, and indicate what you want to happen. This usually will either 1. Help you realize the answer or 2. Helps us simulate what you are trying.

How did those 300K lines get into Excel? Did they get them from a file or ???

Also, how often are you going to need to do this?