How to learn from a database we use at work


I've recently gotten a new job. At our plant we use an SQLserver to store data from the factory.
This sqlserver is used by thirthparty software we bought from another company.
This software is really rigid and i don't really like it that is why i started checking out the sqlserver.
I'm not very good at sql but did some tutorials on the internet.
What i would like to be able to do in the future is bypass the software and just use the raw data collected on the server. I've found a lot of data i can use but some of the data i can not access because i do not understand the way it was saved. Does the sql server contain some way of finding the structure it uses?
Feel free to ask for extra information if i'm not being clear enough.



SQL Server stores the data in the form of


Database : Adventure
Table: Movies
Columns: Movie Name, Movie Release Date
CasaBlanca 2001-09-08
Fast and Furious 2014-10-01
Jurassic Park 2012-07-09

Does this help you
Is this what you are looking for ?

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Hi, thanks for your reply. I'd love to chat but can't find how to send you one through the site. I know about the tables etc. Problem is this is 15 years of data of 10000 different datapoints (litteraly) some taken every second some every 10 seconds . So it is bound to have a pretty complex way of saving this.

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  1. depending on how big the database(s) is/are you could use the diagram export feature on the database.
  2. another way I sniff the database tables and their relationship at a new job is by doing a few CSI-ish queries using the sys. system objects

for example I will do th following to get a simple idea of what I have as far as content

select 'select top 10 ' + name + 'as tablename , * from ' + name from sys.tables

I grab the first column of this query result and run it.
there are many other sys types you can use to start finding all sort of goodies


Looks like it is raw data

You will have to analyze
how Your company is
What are their requirements
What they want from the data
Etc etc etc etc

From that
Your approach what you want to do

You can Google on the above topics
And read articles and get ideas

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