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How to keep header without changed when export data from sql server to excel file?

I work on sql server 2017 I run script depend on python language .

I run script run query on sql server 2017 to export data to
Excel file.

header of excel file before export data as below


after run query export data from sql server to excel
Header changed to


why header changed from Student Name to Name ?

I export data to excel by this line


I try to change it to

InputDataSet.to_excel(FullFilePath,sheet_name=TableName.split(".")[-1], header=False, startrow= 1,index=False)

but it give me data without header
and header row blank

my script python as below

---drop table #FinalExportList
declare @ExportPath NVARCHAR(MAX)='G:\ImportExportExcel'
declare @FixedPath NVARCHAR(MAX)='G:\ExportFiles\StudentExport.xlsx'
CREATE TABLE #FinalExportList(TableCount INT IDENTITY(1,1),Cols NVARCHAR(MAX),TableName NVARCHAR(200))
insert into #FinalExportList(TableName,Cols)
('dbo.students','TRY_CONVERT(VARCHAR(MAX),StudentId) AS [StudentId], Name')

@TableName NVARCHAR(200)
,@PythonScript NVARCHAR(MAX) = N''
,@ExportFilePath NVARCHAR(MAX) = N''

SELECT @ExportPath = CASE WHEN RIGHT(@ExportPath,1) = '\' THEN @ExportPath ELSE CONCAT(@ExportPath,'\') END

-- Just for testing purpose top 10 records are selected
SELECT @SQL = CONCAT('SELECT TOP 10 ',Cols,' FROM ',TableName,';')
,@TableName = TableName
FROM #FinalExportList

SET @PythonScript = N'import shutil
FullFilePath = ExcelFilePath+"StudentExport.xlsx"

exec sp_execute_external_script
@language = N'Python'
,@script = @PythonScript
,@input_data_1 = @SQL
,@params = N'@ExcelFilePath NVARCHAR(MAX), @TableName NVARCHAR(200),@FixedPath NVARCHAR(MAX),@ExportPath NVARCHAR(MAX)'
,@ExcelFilePath = @ExportPath -- file path where Excel files are placed
,@TableName = @TableName

expected result as image details

so can any one help me to export data to excel file without change or overwrite header ?

This is a python problem, might try a python forum

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which python forum can help me please

Look back in the history of answers given to you on this exact subject and you will find the answer to your question. I would encourage you to demonstrate some motivation for you to find it and not require so much hand holding unless there are some serious extenuating circumstances.

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