How to insert file as Text

In SSMS 2014, I often open a new pane and type "Alt-E-X", so I can insert a script that's on disk.
Unfornutely, the default path changes and I have no idea why or how it changes.

I'd like to be able to insert a text file from the same disk location every single time. Does anyone
know how to tell SSMS to point to a specific disk folder when I choose "Insert Text"?

I tried modifying some paths in the registry, but so far it doesn't help.

I don't know that you can define one single default location....but I could be wrong. I believe that SSMS operates by "remembering" the last directory used.

Although I'm inclined to agree, I had one particular path seemingly "stuck" for 2 weeks. I tried everything I could think of to navigate to a different location, and it wouldn't change. Then just today, it changed! But I have no idea what the magic keystroke was to get it to "remember".