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How to insert certain table_1 column value in table_2 along with new user input values

I am stuck and request help. I have an Sqlite3 table and code with PyQt5 in PyCharm. I want to insert id's latest row of table_1 into a "import" column in table_2 simultaneously when a button is click to make new record for/in table_2. [Fetch table_1 id's latest row number and insert into "import" column along with name1 and name2 (user input) text value in table_2 when a button is click.]

CREATE TABLE "table_1" ( "id" INTEGER UNIQUE, "first_name" TEXT, "last_name" TEXT, PRIMARY KEY("id" AUTOINCREMENT) )

CREATE TABLE "table_2" ( "import" INTEGER, "name1" TEXT, "name2" TEXT )

I have google many website but could not find clue/answer to my problem. There are some code to insert value(s) into another table but they missed out on how to insert into along with capturing the txt_name1 & txt_name2 user's input values.

Thanks in advance.

try using output as part of the insert statement.