How to implement Future flag in Sql code of view logic

Hi Everyone,

Is there any one know how can we control the untested code to avoid deploy into production in sql specially view.
which we need to implement inside code level.
could you please share me your thoughts to implement it.

Hi All,
Any one know anything about sql code control in the view to avoid untested code to deploy into production.

The correct way to prevent this is to have a proper code deployment process, using code kept in source control, following an enforced sequence of deployment actions from one environment to the next. In other words, you deploy that to a development environment, and if it fails, the process stops until the dev deployment is corrected and successful. You'd continue to deploy to QA, then possibly a pre-staging or UAT environment, before deploying to production.

Any issue or error at any stage should revert all environments back to the last known good deployment, and reviewed to determine the root cause of the failure, and have the correct fixes checked in to source control

If you have people who have access to production with enough permissions to deploy changes, you will have little recourse to prevent them unless you remove their permissions or access.

If that is not an option, you can use a DDL trigger to catch changes and optionally revert them: