How to give permissions to a specific user that are WIDE OPEN

I am old fashion and I refuse to use the EFW it is, well i Cam not going to get into it, but for large enterprise solutions a bad mistake.

I've been using my own data layer creation tool for years and we got hacked about a year ago and this items / program we one of the things we could not recover.

Current I got an updated on from the same guy but i was receiving errors and he was saing the same thing ad to rights and to be local, so i put it on the local machine and gave the program every right under the sun, or should i say i gave the admin assess everything under the sun.

One good think about the one I purchase i this I am receiving errors that are meaningful.
My database in question has three scheme and I've given all right possible that i can think of to this user.

This is something I've got to get taken care of yesterday, it is really putting weight on my back

What am i missing here, is there not some script that i can call for that will set all the objects permissions at once or is there no a few scripts that i can use that will loop and let me update each object of a specific type one at a time.

The error below offers a lot of help for someone who understands it.

Please Advise!!
I will wait for your response.

Please advise and see the snapshot

I have no problem using any of our databases, but when creating the data layers i am getting these issues i cannot shake.

What in the world can i do to get one use all the right is the world to where we do not get permission right errors, if that is what this is.

I know if i can get the help it is from here!

Here is the snapshot of the error i keep getting when running the data-layer creator.

I cannot guess what SQL executed that triggered this error. Please post the SQL that is being run that causes the error.

Note that if it is using [information_schema] then the data returned is "trimmed" according to the currently connected user's permissions - I find that a PITA, I would prefer that it returns nothing, or fails, so that it is clear that there is a problem, rather than potentially returning "some" information. We don't use [information_schema] views for that reason ...

I am actually using a data layer generation creator to create the layer. I've never run into these issues before.

It would be tomorrow before I could get to the source.