How to find which queries are being run at a particular time

I have successfully implemented the tips described here to automate collection of SQL Server database connections. I am getting the messages and I have narrowed down the issues to a couple of databases. Now I would like to have some more details on which are the queries being run when this occurs. Any clue on how I could hook up a process to gather that information ?

Perhaps the following...

There are others like it where you can actually get a copy of the SQL that's being executed.

I have read the article you mentioned above and it seems to be a bit out of my league. Perhaps somebody around knows a service providing a service for that ?

I guess the next question is do you have a particular time of day you want to check and how long you want to check for? And, is there some "level" of resource usage you want to limit your search for?

I ask because a server can have hundreds of thousands and, sometimes, millions of queries executed against it every hour.

I agree that narrowing down the issue would be wiser.

That would be when the number of opened sessions for a particular user exceeds a figure, say 30.