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How to find server name in newly installed ms sql server 2014



After i installed ms sql server 2014, when i connect with database engine, unable to find server name.

how to find server name in newly installed ms sql server 2014.

Pls assist.

Thank you.


If you install as a default instance, the server name will be the same as the host name. If you installed as a named instance, you can find the instance name from SQL server configuration manager.

hope this helps.


when i enter hostname as server name.. also unable to connect & when i looked in sql server services...also no server name has available.

how to resolve it this issue..


Can you check if your SQL server service is running? If so, you should be able to start SSMS locally and connect to it.

If you are trying to connect from a remote PC, make sure you open the firewall port (1433) if everything is default.


You can find it by using SQL Server configuration Manager. In SSCM, click on SQL Server Services, in which you will see the field Service Type where the service type is defined as SQL Server.



Type hostname in command prompt

Start-->>Run-->>cmd--->> type hostname and Enter