How to find relevant Data in tables

First, my apologies for the somewhat cryptic title.

I have imported 1000 sample rows from various tables in a SQL server (lets call it SQLSever1).

I have imported the rows into the second SQL Server(SQLServer2).

When I execute the following query on SQLServer2 I get no results, however when I execute the same query on SQLServer1 I get the expected results.

This is because I haven't imported all the rows from SQLServer1 to SQLServer2.

The problem is that I can't import all the data from SQLServer1 to SQLServer2 because some tables contain over 3 million rows.

Therefore, can someone let me know if there is a way to find out exactly data is required from the tables in SQLServer1 to get a result from SQLServer 2?

Basically, I need to import only those rows into SQL Server 2, that will produce the same result in SQL Server 1.

I believe I would need to do apply somekind of DISTINCT clause or a LEFT / RIGHT JOIN to determine the rows/fiels/data that is present in SQL Server 1 that is not present in SQL Server 2, but I'm not sure

The code is a follows:

SELECT Make.MakeName, Model.ModelName, Stock.Cost 
  FROM Data.Stock  INNER JOIN Data.Model ON Model.ModelID = Stock.ModelID INNER JOIN Data.Make ON Make.MakeID = Model.MakeID

Sample data is follows:

CREATE TABLE #tmpTable (
MakeName nvarchar(100),
ModelName nvarchar(150),
Cost money)

(N'Aston Martin',N'DB4',23600.00),
(N'Aston Martin',N'DB5',39600.00)

SELECT * FROM #tmpTable

Any thoughts please

I think the solution might well be to do with the JOINS

I have rewritten the question in the hope it makes more sense for those of you willing to assist

Your question is unclear.

Are you importing data from one SQL Server to another ? Please explain how are you doing this?

What is the query ? If the query is relevant to the issue you are facing, you need to show us the query. And you seems to have know the reason of no result.

What is the issue you are facing ? Importing from one SQL Server to another? The query gives not result? Issue with 3 million rows?

Please edit your question and make sure it is clear. Do take note that, we do not have access to your system or what you are trying to achieve.

Hi Khtan,

Thanks for getting in touch and reaching out.
I have withdrawn the question as I agree the question needs additional information before someone could help.