How to find name of person who has largest team currently on active job? (SQL)

Really struggling to work out how to do this, any tips/help??

Can you post the table definitions you're looking at and some sample data with expected results?

May the force be with you. Always provide data in the following method.

create table #persons(personid int, firstname varchar(50), lastname varchar(50))
create table #teams(teamid int, teamname varchar(50))
create table #personteam(personid int, teamid int)

insert into #persons
select 1, 'Darth', 'Vader' union
select 2, 'Luke', 'Skywalker' union
select 3, 'Chewy', 'Backer' union
select 4, 'Princess', 'Lee Yah' union
select 5, 'Ewok dem little teddy bears', 'Real Woke' union
select 6, 'Darth', 'Revan' union
select 7, 'Darth', 'Sidious' 

insert into #teams
select 1, 'Dark Side aka Bogan' union
select 2, 'Light side Ashla' union
select 3, 'Endor Forest'

insert into #personteam
select personid, 1 
from #persons where firstname like '%darth%'

insert into #personteam
select 5, 3

insert into #personteam
select personid, 2 from
 #persons where firstname not like '%darth%' and firstname not like '%Ewok%'

--But notice here sometimes teams could have the same amount of members. what then?
select t.teamname, count(*)
  from #persons p 
  join #personteam pt on p.personid = pt.personid
  join #teams t on t.teamid = pt.teamid
  group by t.teamname
  order by 2 desc

drop table #persons
drop table #teams
drop table #personteam