How to execute equation stored in table

I have query that return column having equation as nvarchar column
i want to execute this string to be the result of the equation for-each row
look at the return of the query

ID      Equation                             Result
1098    1300834703.69700+1197853461.64800    0
1103    1490867539.51300-0.00000	     0


Can you post an example of the equation you mentioned?

So do you want to update "Result" with the value returned from "Equation"? The first being 2498688165.34500?

To start I would suggest looking into split routines.

You can use EXEC sp_executesql -- which has the added benefit of allowing you to use all SQL functions, such as ABS, SIGN, etc. -- but you have to run cursor through (ugh!) each equation separately, you can't really do it directly within a query.

The example exits in my post

it is too long method
thank you

Thank you for your solution i will try it