How to encrypt column in sql server 2008r2

Hi all
I have programm running in sql server 2008 r2 and I want to know how to encrypt column in my table
can any one xplain for me how to set new password with encrypt for existing user

thanks harishgg1
I know this avilable since sql server 2014 - but not found this in sql server 2008r2 - for this reason I ask about how to wite query using sql server 2008 R2
please help

Thanks again, also I read this before 3 days and I found it is not useful, since it mention clearly that the encryption must be done through my app,my question how to do encryption for column through SQL server Management studio 2008 R2

I don't want to sound unhelpful, but is there any way you can upgrade your SQL Server to a newer version? SQL 2008 R2 is out of support by MS, and you'll only struggle to get encryption and other things working on it.

If that's not an option, you may need to get a third party encryption product, if they even support SQL Server 2008 R2.

I can't remember if this was available in 2008 R2:

If it is, I would suggest going that way. You'd need to create your own certificates in SQL Server and be sure to back them up and save them someplace secure.

Thanks robert_volk, no way to upgrade and the app depend on this it P2000 security management system by Johnsons controls which is also out of support, the system is not accepting any password only encrypted