How to edit and change the Columns in SSRS Matrix

How can we edit and change the Matrix columns in SSRS reports.

Please see the attached document for more question.
Any suggestions/help.......

The correct abbreviation for "Cumulative" is "Cume". Seriously.

You are right Jeff, Cumulative has been abbreviated as "Cum Dose".
Question for you;
In the Column group of the Matrix in SSRS, how can I Group on one Data column (The column "PlanSetupId", is taking up two data columns , "DailyDose" & "CumDose", and I want to group on ONLY "CumDose". I am not getting it done.

Appreciate any help/suggestions on this.

Is there any one who can answer me, I am in need of some suggestion./help on this topic pls.

  1. daily dose!, why is this column being sum? delete this and then drag the daily dose column in the box.

the rest is fine

You're not bagging what I'm raking. That term you chose is actually a pornographic term and it should be avoided. I strongly recommend that you change all instances of your current abbreviation for "Cumulative" to "Cume" to avoid serious embarrassment on the part of the company that you work for and for yourself.