How to display Unit as Second Display Item for same display Order?

I work on SQL server 2012 I face Issue : I can't arrange Features contain Unit as second Item display for same Display Order .

for feature family as example

'Family' as [Family], 'FamilyMaxValue' as [FamilyMaxValue], 'FamilyUnit' as [FamilyUnit]
I need it to be as below

'Family' as [Family], 'FamilyUnit' as [FamilyUnit],'FamilyMaxValue' as [FamilyMaxValue]
Feature and Unit and max value get same DisplayOrder for every Feature but my issue

How to get Unit as Second Display for same Display Order .

Meaning change will be Order of items separated by comma to display feature Unit as second display for same Display Order.

 create table #SplitNumberAndUnitsFinal
DKFeatureName  nvarchar(100),
DisplayOrder  int
insert into #SplitNumberAndUnitsFinal (DKFeatureName,DisplayOrder)
DECLARE @Header nvarchar(max)=( select
        Select  ', '''+ DKFeatureName +''' as ['+ DKFeatureName +']' AS [text()]
        From #SplitNumberAndUnitsFinal 
        GROUP BY DKFeatureName
        ORDER BY MIN(DisplayOrder)
        --order by DisplayOrder
        For XML PATH ('')
    ), 2, 10000) [Columns])
    print @Header

Expected Result arrange feature Unit as second display to be as:

Feature,FeatureUnit,FeatureMaxValue according to same display Order

'package' as [package], 'packageUnit' as [packageUnit],
'Family' as [Family], 'FamilyUnit' as [FamilyUnit],'FamilyMaxValue' as [FamilyMaxValue],
'parts' as [parts], 'partsUnit' as [partsUnit],'partsMaxValue' as [partsMaxValue]

AND I don't Need to Display it as below :

Feature,FeatureMaxValue,FeatureUnit for same Display Order

'package' as [package], 'packageUnit' as [packageUnit],
 'Family' as [Family], 'FamilyMaxValue' as [FamilyMaxValue], 'FamilyUnit' as [FamilyUnit],
 'parts' as [parts], 'partsMaxValue' as [partsMaxValue], 'partsUnit' as [partsUnit]


can you please explain in very simple way ??

so that its easy to understand ..

you can use excel also ..using words !! like below


one idea is to .. create a sub order in the main order ..

SELECT * from testing order by displayorder,suborder

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