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How to create school schedule?

I just create a school schedule and still has minimum clue please help if there were any clue of making the schedule.
the information contain as for example

ID Programme Start End Division
M001 Math 1/1/2017 20-06-2017 Math
M002 Aljabar 2/2/2017 20-06-2017 Math
E001 Conversation 3/1/2017 25-07-2017 English
E002 Vocabs 3/1/2017 20-07-2017 English

Teacher info
ID Teacher Lesson
1A Albert M001
2B Michael M001
3B Mikha E001
3C Jason E001
4A Noah E002

My Plan is
First I want to create table that contain the information of the range of schedule for each lesson. And than put the teacher into every schedule. But I have difficulties of creating procedure between lesson and the teacher. Cause the teacher cannot on teach on the same date or time. Please help..