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How to create a “copy” of SQL Server transaction log file?



I want a copy of SQL Server transaction log file for "raw" analysis. What is the safest way to get a copy of that file without shutting down the database and disturbing the existing log/backups/backup schedules and just about everything.

FYI, Its a SQL Server 2005 database server and I can see the log file and I cannot copy it as is; I get the "access denied" error when copying from explorer or command line


Hi jason,
I don't think you can, maybe someone else can educate me. The easiest way is to detach the DB, copy the log then attach it back.
What are you trying to do anyway? Maybe if you can share more info, there might be other ways to achieve the same goal.


Back up the db. Restore it to a different name. Then you can detach that restored db and do whatever you want with that log file.