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How to connect to a SQL database via VPN?


The only way to connect to a SQL database is via a VPN.

However, I do not want to make my whole laptop connect to the VPN just to connect to that SQL database.

Is there a way to make only the SSMS to connect to the SQL database via the VPN while e.g. Chrome can connect without the VPN?


Vpn acronym for virtual private network. There is your answer right there. It is not application specific it is network specific meaning your computer network. Chrome has nothing to do with VPN (unless you are connecting to a resource within your domain) as you are connecting to the www (world wide) not a private network.

Thanks, is it possible to use a proxy with SSMS?

what are attempting to avoid? what are attempting to do?

I am trying to use a proxy to connect to the SQL database so that I don't have to connect to the rest of the internet via the proxy which overloads the connection and creates problems with skype etc.

What network would the proxy be in and how will you access it

that is provided by the corporation, they provide a url, port, username/pass