How to access the SSRS report from another computer?

I have created an SSRS report on my local computer, which is published, and I can view it from my local SQL Server Reporting Services URL. Now I want to access (view) that report from another computer with is not in their network. It is just a different separate computer. Is it possible? If yes, please kindly suggest to me the procedure for that.

In the years that I have worked with SSRS, it requires to be on the same network since it is using active directory to access. In addition, the users need VPN.

You have the option of Subscription and have it email the report to the destination. The other option I believe to fulfilled out of network access of reports, you may want to look into MS Power BI.

If you have found a way to view SSRS reports out of network, please share but I highly doubt it since the reporting server and database server usually sits behind a firewall.