How I do handle a complicated requirement?

Greetings again all.

I have a requirement to display names of members, the base Annual Dues for each member, the amount paid and amount owed.
The year begins from 2014 and can go as far as 2025.

Other miscleneous dues such as Fundraising dues. This happens not year but a year the organization chooses to hold fundraising event.

Please see screenshot of tentative layout.

I have come up with DB design for this. Please see attached.

My issue is how do I construct the query to disply this data similar to Excel data (first attachment).

Thanks alot in advance

I would merge the Credits and Debits table into a Transactions table like this:

[columns]TransactionID, MemberID, Amount, PostedDate, TypeID
[sample ]    1             10        120     20180102     C
[data   ]    2             10        50      20180210     D
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Thanks Jackie and sorry for late response.

Are you suggesting that you will merge two tables into one or write query that merges the results from two tables to one?

I guess my primary question from original thread is how do I write the query to capture all the data, name, annual dues, annaul dues paid, not paid, fundraising amount pledged, how much paid, not paid, etc.

These could go from 2014 up to 2025 as stated in my original post.

Total horizontally and vertically.

That's why i consider this a complicated requirement.

Thanks a lot for your help.