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How do I schedule and run SQL 2014 Stored Procedure without SQL Agent?

Hello all,

I have stored procedures that I need to run every 2 weeks and drop the csv files, how do I schedule those stored procedures without using SQL Agent, I dont have the SQL Agent included in my SQL server 2014?

Thanks all

You can use a combination of PowerShell and the Windows Task Scheduler. Or if you are averse to PowerShell throw the commands in a batch file that calls SQLCMD and schedule that with Windows Task Scheduler. Those are a couple options.

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why don't you just add Agent? It only takes a few minutes

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The agent requires SQL Server Standard license or higher. Many beginners and tinkerers use the (free) Express versions, which don't include the agent. I don't think Express even runs as a windows service unless called specifically. I had trouble with this a couple of years ago when experimenting at home. Anything developed in Express will need a full license to become part of a production application. Azure is probably the least expensive way to get there now.

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well yes, but the OP didn't mention Express. I assumed std or higher

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No Offense intended, G. I was just trying to be helpful. The OP may not know why he doesn't have it. It can be hard to tell the difference between license levels, especially if express was used for a production DB, or if there are several instances of different versions/types on a machine. I'm certainly no SQL Server expert, but my job functions have made me pretty license-savvy, at least.

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Thank you all for the responded.

Hi gbritton, stephenbaeris correct, I am using SQLEXPRESS, sorry for unclear info. Thanks stephenbaer.