How do I repair a "suspect" SQL 2005 database

I have a SQl 2005 Server that had a fan problem and went into continuous reboot for a time. I have replaced the fan, but now when I bring it up and start SQL services I have a few databases marked as suspect. I am not a DB person, and our DB person is out of office for a few weeks. How do I repair these DB's so I can get this running again.


Manual method of Suspected Database Recovery

In SQL Server suspect database is a mode when user unable to connect with database.
At this time user unable to perform any action and can not do anything like no open no backup and no restore etc.

Possible cause for this problem can be one of the following:

  1. Database is corrupted
  2. Insufficient memory state.
  3. unexpected shutdown etc..

To know more how can repair the suspect database please go through the