How can I find my database ?!?

I have "upgraded" to Windows 10 on a brand new SSD HD ... all of my old data is still on this PC on various drives.

I have re-installed Visual Studio, though a newer version, and the same with SQL & SSMS (plus Tools, though I have no idea what that entails as yet) ... all of these are newer versions than I had before.

I have a small SQL Database on here but I don't know where ... Outlook tries to access it via my VBA program but it falls over with an error, possibly because I need to recreate my Connection String. The Connection String is as follows - myConnectionString = "Provider=SQLNCLI11;Server=GARYSPC\SQLEXPRESS;Database=KA_DataBase;Trusted_Connection=yes;"

If I open up the new SQL Server Management Studio & Databases, my Database isn't there, obviously, but how do I find it ?!? I searched for "KA_DataBase" and found nothing, but this was all working on Windows 7 so it must be here somewhere ?!?

Normally the physical database files would be YourDatabase.MDF and YourDatabase.LDF - so you could try looking for MDF and LDF files to find what Drive / Folder they are in.

Personally I would just restore from a backup file - that will create the database, given that it does not already exist, and as part of the Restore you can "place" the physical files wherever makes the most sense in your new SSD drive structure

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I will look for LDF & MDF files, thanks Kristen ...