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Hosted powerbi


We are trying to host a powerbi service away from on prem. Any recommended hosting providers?


Since all of the PowerBI products are cloud-based, except PowerBI Report server, I'd say any of those would suffice for an off-prem solution.

What specifically are you looking for in the service? Or trying to avoid with an on-prem option?

That on prem powerbi report is oogly. Doesnt look like it is being supported

The hosted version is because the company does not have licenses for it in their office365 suite of products

And we dont want to wrangle with their admin for access etc
The dashboards we want to create will be using web services developed by us as consultants.
We want control over things. Or maybe they need to pay for pbi licenses as part of their o365. Just about 12 people.

Hope that answers your questions


PowerBI Embedded sounds like what you want:

But make sure to check all of the products listed in the PowerBI service tiers. Also make sure you understand what it's going to cost and who is going to pay for it. Also double-check GuyInACube on each product tier. There's some feature comparisons on the pricing page if you scroll down:

FYI, PowerBI Report Server was just updated September 2022. It is intentionally less powerful that PowerBI Premium, but it offers you quite a few features:

The only major downside is the only non-Premium license allowed is SQL Server Enterprise with Software Assurance, so you won't save any money if you're not already licensed that way.

My personal advice, you almost certainly don't want your clients pulling reports from your PowerBI subscription. You'll have almost no way to control costs. And someone will very likely ask for a Premium-only feature, and those costs will explode. There is an option for premium per user:

But I'm not sure if you can change that after the subscription is created.

Might want to browse the PowerBi subreddit:

I found some interesting posts when searching for "cost" and "embedded". Make sure to check the dates on things, apparently some cost estimates were based on old pricing models.

I mentioned some other things in an old thread:

The one point I'd carry from that one is how often you'll be refreshing your data, and if you can do it incrementally or not.

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Gonna read all these and make a decision

Thanks a lot

The dashboards will be consuming web services data. I objected to that and recommended a dw in proximity to pbi but was overruled.

Also customer is leery of their data being out there :roll_eyes:

Oh wow. They might as well just set the money on fire, at least they'll get some heat out of it.

I do recall having an issue with the location of our PowerBI tenant, it was locked to wherever the original PowerBI was created and could not be moved. Basically, someone at the company said "Hey, let me try this PowerBI thing" and the company's domain was locked to East US or something like that. At the time they were only using data for EU clients, so the data refresh had to pull across the ocean. I can't remember if that cost more, but it probably did. It was also a lot slower.

I don't know if that's still the case, I know I saw something in the Sept. 2022 PowerBI release about data sources across tenants:

Cross-Tenant Dataset Sharing

That might alleviate some of the problems.

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One last thing, SSRS can do dashboards:

Note the date on that one. Since 2016 SSRS is even more dashboard oriented. Unless the customer is insisting on totally interactivity, lots of slicers, etc., or has multi-million row datasets to analyze, they may not even need PowerBI. And you can host SSRS alongside the data sources, assuming it's not all web calls.

Yeah I remember using that for some timesheet reports from Great Plains but it was not pretty

I even recommended grafana but no go