Home page (Web Portal) just spins

New install of SSRS 2019 on Windows 2019 server. IE is installed and being used on the server. Account that SSRS runs as in in the local Admins group and is also SA in on the SQL Server. When going into Report Configuration Manager and clicking on the Web Portal URL, it opens in IE and just spins forever. The Web Service URL spns for a bit but does eventually open. But the Web Portal URL just spins forever. Can't find anything in the logs. Any ideas?



I wanted to follow up on this in case someone else has the same issue. It turned out to be that IE no longer seems to work with SSRS. I asked our Network team to install Edge on the server and SSRS Web Portal came up fine with Edge.

Prior to that I had also tried emulating Edge and IE10 with IE and it still didn't work...but installing Edge seems to be the fix.