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High Availability Option for Replication Subscriber and Distributor Database



Currently we are SQL 2008 R2 Enterprise version. We using database mirroring for publisher database which give us a highly available database and server disaster recovery option also. BUT we still have single point of failure for replication(merger/transactional) subscriber and distributor database. We are planning to make subscriber and distributor database highly available also. Is there any option to make subscriber and distribution database high availability? i don't mind to upgrade my SQL version to higher if there is solution for this in higher version. Please helps to give idea on this.


Is that no one in this forum familiar with high availability setup? Please help to advise.


Within 24 hours on a Saturday and for free? Nah, I expect all the others are out at the beach ...

You need to hire a consultant if your timeline is critical and/or your problem is complex.


Hi Kristen,
Thanks for the reply.
Sorry if my language too harsh earlier.
Actually my timeline not critical and my problem is not complex though.
I just asking here for some guidance/workaround and idea for my future project for SQL HA and DR suppose.
I will wait for someone to reply though based on their experience.
Hope i can get some ideas on the subject that mentioned.
How about you Kristen? Do you have experience working with SQL HA and DR? Hope you can share your experience Kristen.


AOAG / HARD wasn't introduced into SQL Server until 2012, so an upgrade will be a must. Beyond that, this is a fairelycomplex topic, well beyond the scope of a forum post. Fortunately, there is no lack of articles available on the web.


Hi Jason,
What is HARD? So AOAG able to support replication subscriber and distributor database?


Sorry... It's a mistype. Should have been HADR (High Availability Disaster Recovery).