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I have un problem to solve this the is an excel file along with it somme one can help me me? Want to get the formula to solve it.

  1. ContractID - which is similar to a LoanID (Note that a LoanID can have several payments made to it until a customer finishes paying.

  2. Customer Name

  3. CustomerID - (Note that a Customer can have several ContractIds that means several Loans)

  4. Deposit - (Downpayment done by the customer)

  5. Product Price - (This is the Cost of the Device in this case the solar panels we sale to the customer)

  6. IncomingTransactionId - (This is the uniqueId produced every time a customer initiates a payment)

  7. Amount - (what the customer has paid)

  8. Region – Where the customer comes from



Get the total amount paid by each customer, create a new column called TotalAmount Paid and use this total amount paid to create a column called Outstanding balance in which you will add the customer’s outstanding balance after calculating the total amount paid.

This is homework. I don't mind giving someone, especially students, a helping hand but there's nothing here to tell me that you've even tried to do your own coursework.